Innovative Design

Buckshot pushes the envelope everytime they build a car. Innovation is key
to be the best. We build the fast, strongest, baddest sand cars that stand
the test of time.

Custom Products

Buckshot vehicles are custom built by hand. Every vehicle, every time! So you know when you buy a Buckshot vehicle you know it has been given the attention it deserves.

Premium Quality Parts

Buckshot racing only uses quality parts. Our cars to built to be bomb proof. Unlike other cars that crack or fall apart over time Buckshot vehicles are built to last.

Tried. Tested. Approved

Customers all over the world have tested Buckshot vehicles and came to the same conclusion. Nothing else compares. Buskshot racing is the best of the best.
Come see for yourself.

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Building innovative custom off-road Sand Cars to
fit your budget. Our expertise shows our 30 years of
racing and off-road experience.

Andrew Buck’s ability to design, fabricate and lead a team has created one of the most successful, industry known and respected Off-Road/Sand Car Manufacturing Company’s. This same team that is harnessed each day to build innovative $80,000 custom off-road/Sand Cars, also extends their talents in performing quick wrenches, and reliable assistance for the Buckshot Racing Team.

Buckshot works with: UAE, Qatar, China, and Saudi Arabia.

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Clients say

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