From the Sand Dunes to the Race Track

All of us that frequent Glamis are well familiar with the Buckshot brand. Buckshot is greatly known for their keen design and brilliant engineering. However, there is something new coming through the pipeline at the home based shop in La Habra, California. Look out Race Junkies, here it comes. On Thursday February 1st,2007, in Parker…


Buckshot Racing trip to Dubai!


Buckshot Racing made a trip to Dubai over the winter break to visit one of our new customers. While quite a vacation, we learned new culture in an old land, experienced what we could never experience on US soil, and learned that Camels truly are the desert’s hot rod… click here for more pics. Look…


Pre-season Tune-up Check List

1) Check & clean all filters, replace if necessary. 2) Remove & replace old gas. (stagnant gas looses octane & can harm engine) 3) Inspect, clean & re-grease front wheel bearings. 4) Check all brake pads, calipers and mounting bolts for damage and or wear. 5) Check all suspension pivot points& heim joints. Replace if…